French Gray—Our New Favorite Color

French Gray—Our New Favorite Color

Earlier this month, Wendy attended the NY NOW Market at the Jarvits Center in New York City and checked in with one of our all-time favorite brands, Made Goods

Known for its use of high-quality products and exquisite taste, Made Goods designs sophisticated pieces for everyday living. And since it typically debuts its latest collections at NY Now, Wendy was anxious to get a first-hand look at the newest pieces.

Almost immediately she discovered and fell in love with a new color introduced this season: French Gray. 

This soft-yet-smokey gray is the perfect balance of taupe, sand, and cream. Unlike other grays that look cool and blue in certain lights, French Gray looks consistently warm in almost all settings. 

After finding this new color, Wendy was on a mission to locate every piece of furniture in French Gray. After all, gray is sort of her signature color. 

As luck would have it, many of the pieces we already carry at Clayton Gray Home were reintroduced in the new French Gray color, as well as a few new pieces that were equally stunning.

Conrad Dressers - 36", 48" and 60"

Made Goods Conrad Dressers

The Made Goods Conrad Dressers have always been popular among our customers for their abundance of storage and and high-quality craftsmanship. But now that they're available in French Gray in a faux raffia resin, they're more beautiful than ever before. 

Add one or more of the Conrad Dressers to your bedroom to create an elegant retreat, or use one as a breakfront in your dining room for a major style upgrade.

Conrad Double Nightstand

Made Goods Conrad Nightstand

Want the same look but don't have the room for a large dresser? Try the Conrad Double Nightstand in French Gray. Like the Conrad Dressers, this nightstand is made of faux raffia resin, but because it's only 30" wide and includes open storage in the middle, it's a preferred option for smaller spaces. 

Then again, if you have the room, why not get two of the Conrad Double Nightstands for either side of your king bed? We promise you'll love the look!

Mia Nightstands - Single and Double

Made Goods Mia Nightstands

Looking for a totally new look? The Mia Single Nightstand and the Mia Double Nightstand are elegant, chic, and oh so shiny. Made with antiqued mirror and faux shagreen in French Gray, the Mia Nightstands offer great storage and traditional design. And with a beautiful table lamp on top like the Made Goods Kingston Table Lamp, these nightstands would sparkle like diamonds.

For more information about any of these Made Goods or for information about other products you've seen on our site, contact our design team today!

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