Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Let's face it. The reason we call them "throw pillows" is because we always toss them on the floor when we want to stretch out on the sofa. 

It's for this reason that our Design Team has sourced some amazing floor cushions from Four Hands that are meant to stay wherever they land.

Take the Phaedra Floor Cushion in plush brocade wool. This chic and casual piece measures nearly three feet in width, making it the perfect size for floor-side gaming, streaming and entertaining. And if your family or friends get tired from all the fun they're having, the Phaedra doubles as a great body pillow for snuggling up until the morning pancakes are served.

For a great contrasting look, pair the Phaedra Floor Cushion with the graphic black and white stripes of the versatile Four Hands Javelina Floor Cushion. Together, these pillows will help to create a casual living space that the whole family will never want to leave.

So the next time you have everyone gathering around for a family movie or game night, toss these cushions around the TV. Our guess is that everyone will end up on the floor!

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