6 Designs to Make Your Home More Hygge

6 Designs to Make Your Home More Hygge

Yes, you read that word correctly.  

Hygge, pronounced "hoo-gah," is a Danish word that means the feeling of comfort, warmth, and togetherness—think fuzzy socks, hot tea, comfy sofas and really good chocolate. 

It's easy to see how Hygge and interior design go hand-in-hand, but incase you need some help, here are some of our favorite pieces to help make your home more Hygge.

1. Idol Wing Chair in Soot Textured Tweed

Shop Arteriors Idol Wing Chair

Nothing says Hygge quite like the wingback chair. It's perfect for cozying up at night with a glass of wine for some much needed R&R. The Arteriors Idol Wing Chair in Soot Textured Tweed is one of my favorite pieces on claytongrayhome.com. Both the wingback shape and the tufted details add warmth to this piece, and the tweed fabric gives it a fantastic texture.   

2. Beroe Bookcase Lamps Pair

Shop Made Goods Bookcase Lamps

One of the tenets of Hygge is the feeling of comfort, and for many people, reading for pleasure is one of life's most comforting pastimes. These Beroe Bookcase Lamps by Made Goods are simple and adorable, and because they are so compact, they can fit in practically any space.

3. Abstract Papers Art

Shop Natural Curiosities Abstract Papers Art

Natural Curiosities is known for its beautiful hand-made artwork, and the Abstract Papers series is a great example of why. In this series, the artists craft intricate shapes and forms out of natural papers and mount them onto linen canvases. Hang these in your home to add warmth and interest to any room.  

4. Braided Fringe Pillow Set of Two

Shop Four Hands Braided Pillows Set

These Four Hands Braided Fringe Pillows are quintessentially Hygge. Not only do they have a fantastic texture that makes them interesting to the touch, but they also stack really nicely together, making them perfect for layering on a sofa or wingback chair.

5. Hearst Bar Stool with Fur

Shop Worlds Away Hearst Stool with Fur

Worlds Away offers two beautifully modern stools with cushions made of fur. The Hearst Bar Stool and the Emmett Counter Stool feature luxe nickel and brass legs and natural Mongolian fur. These are certain to add a new level of modern elegance to your home. 

6. Essex Stool with Hair on Hide

Shop Made Goods Essex Stool

Fabricated with genuine full-grain leather, the Made Goods Essex Stool is an exquisite piece for your living room or bed room. Each tiled leather segment shows the unique detail and patterns in the neutral hide, characterizing the craftsmanship and sophistication in every Made Goods piece.

For more information about any of these pieces or for information about other products you've seen on our site, contact our design team today!