Gifts Your Hosts Are Sure To Love

Gifts Your Hosts Are Sure To Love

We've all been there. We've all had that moment when we've forgotten to get our best friend a hosting gift and been forced to bring a generic bottle of wine to her annual holiday party.

In truth, most of us wait until the last minute because we think we'll find the perfect gift somewhere, but in reality, nothing measures up to a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

Well, now there's hope.

This year, Clayton Gray Home introduced it's first annual Gift Guide entitle Give Glamour and we've filled it with beautiful desktop objects and barware accessories. 

Here are some of our very favorite items from the collection that will make perfect gifts for your party hosts:

Give Glamour

 Belinda Ice Bucket and Lia Bottlestopper Obsidian

Since champagne is a staple at all of the great parties, a proper ice bucket is key. The Belinda Ice Bucket by Arteriors Home features a square shape that mimics an actual ice cube as well as a beautiful brass handle for some added sparkle. When giving this as a gift, I recommend filling the bottom of the bucket with a silk scarf or some beautiful tissue paper and then adding dark chocolates and a handwritten note on the top. If you're feeling particularly giving this season, you could also add another stunning object from our collection like the Lia Bottlestopper, made of natural black obsidian.

Sugarfina Sweet and Sparkling 8PC Candy Bento Box

Speaking of chocolates, the Sugarfina Sweet & Sparkling Candy Bento Box is like a party for your taste buds. Filled with 8 lucite candy cubes®, you will be giving your host a taste of bubbly champagne, peach bellinis, and rosé. And since this box is meant to be shared with friends, there's a good chance your host will let you try them, too.

Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style and Tom Ford Book

Now, if drinks and sweets sound too predictable for your liking, you can always opt for a gift that's a bit more refined. Our newly added collection of coffee table books immerse you in the world of fashion, featuring designs from the likes of Tom Ford and Coco Chanel. Each book includes hundreds of page, filled chic illustrations, rich photography and iconic advertisement campaigns. But be warned: behind each cover is a heavy dose of sensuality, so give these reads to a host who appreciates high fashion.

For questions or comments about these glamorous gift ideas, contact our design team!