10 Statements Pieces from Made Goods Furniture That Will Transform Your Living Space from

10 Statements Pieces from Made Goods Furniture That Will Transform Your Living Space from

It only takes one unique statement piece of furniture to give an average room a whole new look. Using a statement piece means expressing yourself from your unique point of view—and almost no brand offers unique statement pieces quite like Made Goods Furniture.

Do you have a quirky side? Are you flirty and fun? Are you seriously sophisticated? Tell us who you are with these ten pieces by Made Goods:

1. Effortlessly Glamorous: Milo Mirror

Create a casually glamorous oasis with the Milo Mirror in Antique Gold Lead Driftwood. This piece provides natural texture with a pop of gold coloring. Add versatile and effortless glamour to any costal home or beach property.

 2. Travelled and Eclectic: Carmen Semi Flush Mount

Display your eclecticism and love of travel with the Carmen Semi Flush Mount. It’s sultry silhouette and warm coco beads exude wordly-warmth and tasteful design in any entryway, dining room, or home office.

 3. Seriously Sophisticated: Gerald Console

Show your seriously-sophisticated side with the Gerald Console in aged brass. Inspired by renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, this console offers three shelves supported by dramatically curved arms. It's perfect to display your collected treasures in your home office, bed room, or entryway.

4. Freshly Fun: Coco Mirror Faux Coral

Fresh and fun, flirty and fabulous, the Coco Mirror Faux Coral isn’t for the “regular white mirror” kind of person. Its shape mimics the ocean waves and draws the eye in along its asymmetrical silhouette. Ideal for adding character and charm to your entry way, bathroom, or hallway.

5. Artistically Eccentric: Dante 36” Dresser

The Dante Dresser exudes the “machine age look,” while its aged camel coverings add character. Add this to a room for a bold and unique color, or tone it down and display it like a collected heirloom. Either way, it's hard to deny that the Dante Dresser is a piece of art in itself.

6. Exquisitely Vintage: Brando Chandelier

Have an appreciation for vintage-inspired lighting pieces? A thick, antiqued bronze circular base supports organically shaped glass tubes on the Brando Chandelier. Add the Brando to a clean and contemporary room to create eye-catching asymmetry that appeals to our natural senses.

7. Polished Contemporary: Maxine Stool

Portray your polished and refined side with the Maxine Stool. A wide band of smooth polished brass outlines the crispy white finish of this drum-style seat. Perfect to tuck away for more space or proudly put on display for refined and stylish seating.

8. Famously Gilded: Daphne Gold Chair

Feel like commanding some attention? The Daphne Gold Chair is made of solid hammered-gold iron and inspired by the French Louis XIV era. Light up an office or dress up a dining room with charming and unique glamour and guild.

9. Richly Stylish: Lindsey Low Buffet

Straight out of a Beverly Hills-estate great room, the Lindsey Low Buffet screams Hollywood glamour and rich elegance. This polished wood buffet is reminiscent of a luxury automobile or yacht, while its classic lines call to mind a family heirloom. Perfect for an office, living room, or bedroom.

10. Chicly Feminine: Mabel Wall Mirror

Distinctive and playful lines outline the refined and feminine design in the Mabel Wall Mirror. Handcrafted from natural materials, this piece adds a bit of subtle chicness to any room thanks to its neutral tone and texture. Use as a bathroom mirror or a bedroom accent.

Statement pieces can transform the look of any room from average to amazing, and are sure to leave your guests in awe. Choosing the right pieces that speak to your personality and point-of-view will not only add glamour to a space but will showcase who you are as a person.