3 tips for choosing the perfect chandelier

3 tips for choosing the perfect chandelier

3 tips for choosing the perfect chandelier. Image by Jonathan Adler

Nothing sets the mood quite like a chandelier. Whether it's crystal, beaded, metallic, or wooden, the struggle to find the perfect one is real. 

So here are 3 tips to help you choose the best piece for your room.

1. Scale - The first thing to consider is the scale and proportion of your chandelier. Choose your fixture based upon its relation to the ceiling height as well as the furniture in the room. Many of our fixtures, including the Andromeda Chandelier by Robert Abbey, come in large and small sizes, making it easy to properly fill any space.

2. Finish - While mixing metals is sometimes trendy, matching them is always in-style. Find the dominate finish in your space—such as the iron of your staircase banister or the brass knobs of your powder room—and select a lighting fixture in the same metallic family. The Milano collection by Jonathan Adler is a great example for how to do this because the collection contains many different types of fixtures that are all grouped together by finish.

3. Material - Choosing between ornate crystals and sleek shades may seem easy, but it is often the most challenging decision. The secret is this: check the visual weight. This means when decorating a small space, opt for a chandelier with transparent features that make the room feel open. And when decorating a large space, source a fixture that grounds the sight-lines above. For example, the Parrish Chandelier by Arteriors Home will suit a studio-apartment dining room quite well, while the Shikari chandelier by Currey & Company will work well in a spacious dining room or large two-story foyer. 

For questions or comments about the lighting featured in this post or how to style your own room, contact our design team today!