4 Holiday Traditions to Celebrate at Home

4 Holiday Traditions to Celebrate at Home

When you're home for the holidays, nothing is better than celebrating treasured family traditions with the ones you love. This year, we thought we would help you get in the spirit by sharing one of our favorite traditions: playing board games.

So here are some of our favorite games to help you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Dayton Oversized Domino Set
After discovering this brand in October at High Point Market, we knew we had to introduce you to Pigeon & Poodle. Designed with the most beautiful materials, Pigeon & Poodle creates magical tabletop gifts like the Dayton Oversized Domino Set. The set is enclosed in a light gray, full-grain leather box and contains dominos made with a stunning pearly finish. This heirloom-quality piece will have you and your family celebrating for years to come.

Lesten Extra Large Card Box
For the card sharks in the family, try the Pigeon & Poodle Lesten Extra Large Card Box finished in a whimsical hair-on-hide Dalmatian pattern. These oversized cards are perfect for playing games like rummy or gin. But keep in mind these extra large Pigeon & Poodle playing cards are a bit harder to keep secret from your opponents, so consider this pro tip: pour yourself an extra large cocktail to help hide your cards. It's a winning strategy, we promise.

Bailey Backgammon Set 
Encased in a gorgeous brown candy-striped hair-on-hide box, the Pigeon & Poodle Bailey Backgammon Set is a classic board game reimagined for a new generation. Featuring a finished leather interior, as well as bone and horn playing pieces, this luxurious backgammon set is perfect for both a sophisticated home office or a competitive game room. 

and finally, Baking Cookies—duh!
Of course, no holiday season would be complete without a few cookies. Might we suggest some of our favorites: ginger snaps, Italian wedding cookies, and of course, classic sugar cookies you can decorate with multi-color frostings. We do have one rule for baking cookies, though: you have to save some for our design team!

For more information about any of these pieces, including their current availability, or for information about our other products, contact our design team today.