5 Home Accessories Mom Will Actually Want for Mother's Day

5 Home Accessories Mom Will Actually Want for Mother's Day

Finding the perfect gift for Mother's Day can be a challenge. 

Flowers are predictable, chocolates seem impersonal, and a card is well, just a card. 

But don't panic. If you haven't purchased a gift for Mom—or you are just reconsidering it now—our new collection of accessories and sculptures should help you find a gift Mom will love. Especially because so many of them ship within 3-5 days!

Here is our list of 5 home accessories Mom will actually love this Mother's Day.

1. Noemi Sculptures

Shop Arteriors home Noemi Sculptures

Designed in two sizes, the Arteriors Home Noemi Sculptures are made with seeded white crystal and fitted to steel bases that are finished in brass. In person, you'll see the light captures every detail and natural bubble in the crystal to refract light like a textural magnifying glass. Give them to Mom to place on a mantle or curated bookshelf for a simple, elegant look.

2. Nix Sculpture

Shop Arteriors Home Nix Sculpture

This unique piece called the Nix Sculpture is a geometric prism made of hundreds of natural iron rods that are welded into a round-yet-abstract shape. Like the Noemi Sculptures, it, too, includes a brass pedestal base that contrasts and supports the art. If Mom is a fan of abstract art by Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock, or David Smith, she'll love the Nix Sculpture.

3. Mersina Large Vase

Shop Arteriors Home Mersina Vase

Made with opalescent glass that is spotted with metallic highlights, the Arteriors Mersina Large Vase looks more like a found antiquity than a new piece of blown glass. Inspired by the Greeks who used similar vessels for transporting wine, the Mersina Vase is a stunning combination of beauty and craftsmanship—not to mention, it looks great on a bar. Just don't forget the bottle of wine with it!

4. Margery Tray

Shop Arteriors Home Margery Tray

Although you could use the Arteriors Home Margery Tray to bring Mom breakfast in bed, this sleek container is probably best when simply admired. Made of faux resin that looks identical to natural marble, the Margery Tray features edges that slop upward in elegant waves. Give this to Mom to display in her home office or dining room. 

5. Michelle Sculptures

Shop Arteriors Home Michelle Large and Small Sculptures

The impressive Arteriors Home Michelle Large and Small Sculptures are exquisite pieces of modern art. Made with real white and black marble bases, these pale steel hoops appear to be suspended in midair like flying trapeze rings. Whether ordered individually or as a pair, the Michelle Sculptures are perfect for making an stunning first impression in a grand foyer.

For more information about any of these fabulous new accessories or for information about other products you've seen on our site, contact our design team today! 

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