5 Timeless Design Trends We’re Putting in Our Home in 2019

5 Timeless Design Trends We’re Putting in Our Home in 2019

Design trends come and go as fast as they appear on your Pinterest feed. So this year, approach design in a different way, by sourcing timeless designs for your home. This will help you to avoid over spending and to create an elegant atmosphere with pieces that can be passed down for generations.

Here are 5 design trends that won’t be going away anytime soon and will add the most up-to-date elegance for your living space:

1. Never Go Wrong With Neutral

Think of neutral tones as an investment — they create a foundation for your home with hues that will never go out of style. With neutral pieces, your unique personal style can come to life, and your room’s architectural finishes can take center stage. Plus, neutral tones are transitional among design styles, giving you the choice to move pieces from room to room or even pass down as heirlooms.

The Aubrey Armchair from Bungalow 5made of solid Cape Lilac Mahogany, brings sophistication and functionality to your home. This natural-wood caned-back chair offers versatility as a chair for your home office, dining space, master bedroom, or living area.

2. Effortless Character with Mixed-Materials

Like artwork, mixed materials in furniture can be used to break up a uniform design. Metal, wood, glass, or acrylic can be layered together to add character and depth to a simplistic piece. We use mixed-material pieces in areas that need a bit of extra character without over-designing.

We suggest the Verona Chanterelle Sideboard from Currey and Company, which is offered in a warm Mahogany wood with linen wrapped handles and metal accents. It’s eye-catching design makes it easy to pair with other furnishings and color palettes to create the perfect mixed-material piece for your living room or bedroom.

3. Look at That Brass!

Warmer than silver and as beautiful as gold, brass is our most-popular finish for creating an unforgettable look. Mix it with other materials like marble or wood to create a traditional look, or pair it with bright hues and other metals for a contemporary twist. Brass gives you the ability to implement eye-catching glamour and luxury with ease.

We love the Wexford Flush Mount Brass Light Fixture from Currey and Company for its scalloped edges and brushed brass finish. It adds subtle elegance to a bedroom, entryway, hallway or bathroom.

4. Think Big with Compact and Multifunctional Designs

Who says you have to be a master-planner to include a new piece into your space? Choose compact and multifunctional pieces that have a variety of uses and can be moved from room to room. Switch up your style when you feel things are getting stale.

The Jules Leather Chair from Four Hands adds effortless vintage glamour to a living room, home office, or library. Feeling the need to switch things up? Easily maneuver this piece from one space to another to give it new life and provide new form and function to another room.

5. Look to Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our minds in 2019. With the right selection of design materials—sourced from Clayton Gray Home, of course!—you can make a difference without sacrificing your vision. Simply choose expertly-crafted pieces that will last a lifetime, creating less waste and environmental impact.

Select the Saltwater Chandelier from Currey and Company derived from recycled glass. With its frosted glass and silver leaf finish, this piece creates a textural element for your dining or living area with environmental sustainability in-mind. For another idea, try the Newport Three-Tier Chandelier from Arteriors Home, which is made of thousands of carved coconut shell pieces. 

A bevy of design trends may come and go, but with a discerning eye and a taste for quality, you can select high-quality pieces that will evolve with your vision for years to come.

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