6 Barbara Cosgrove Lamps Perfect for Your Living Room

6 Barbara Cosgrove Lamps Perfect for Your Living Room

Every Market, Wendy and I look forward to visiting the show room of Barbara Cosgrove Lamps. Not only does it have beautiful table lamps, pendants, and chandeliers, but its staff, led by Barbara's daughter-in-law AJ Cosgrove, is always fantastic.

Wendy, Nicholas and AJ

This week, we are having a Summer Sale on Barbara Cosgrove Lamps, and it includes over a dozen of our favorite styles from the collection. Here are just six of our favorites:

1. Clay Gourds Small Table Lamp

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The Clay Gourds Table Lamp is perhaps the most popular light fixture on this list. Available in gray, navy, or white finishes, the Clay Gourds Lamp features a ceramic stack of five glazed spheres that change in size as they ascend. And because it's fixed a top an acrylic base, it's the perfect blend of classic and modern design.

2. Bamboo Table Lamp

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Drawing inspiration from the natural texture of the bamboo tree, this segmented and reflective table lamp fuses modern design with island style. The Bamboo Table Lamp comes in either a polished nickel or antique brass finish and includes a white parchment drum shade. Add this to your bedroom nightstands for a hint of glam.  

3. Ben Table Lamp

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The classically shaped Ben Table Lamp fits just about every style. Its goose-like neck is traditional while its color-blocked glazed ceramic finish is contemporary and modern. Place a pair of these on your dining room buffet, or use them as nightstand lamps for an elegant look.

4. Cookie Jar Table Lamp

Shop Barbara Cosgrove Cookie Jar Table Lamp

I mean, they have the word "cookie" in the title. They have to be good! These Cookie Jar Table Lamps from Barbara Cosgrove Lamps combine a curvy glazed porcelain design with a silk deep empire shade. Plus, the inside of the shade includes a gold liner for an added bit of sophistication and glam.   

5. Porcelain White Table Lamp

Shop Barbara Cosgrove Porcelain Table Lamp

It doesn't get more simple or more chic than this. The gorgeous Porcelain White Table Lamp by Barbara Cosgrove Lamps features a glazed porcelain column design that is accented with a luxe gold ring at the top. And because its white drum shade includes a slightly tapered slope, this lamp will make you take a second glance. Add it to your master bath or bedroom to brighten up the space.

6. Hammered Table Lamp

Shop Barbara Cosgrove Hammered Table Lamp

At over two feet tall, the Hammered Table Lamp is an undeniable show stopper. With its hammered brushed nickel finish that refracts light in all directions, this Barbara Cosgrove piece is the perfect blend of drama and beauty. Use a pair of these to flank a console table in your foyer for a grand first impression or as nightstand lamps in a bedroom with high ceilings. 

For more information about any of these pieces from Barbara Cosgrove Lamps, including their current availability, or for information about other products you've seen on our site, contact our design team today!