Decorating with Silver & Taupe

Decorating with Silver & Taupe

I like to think that I am a very "black and white" person.

You see, I literally wear all-black clothing everyday, and I figuratively approach life with a measured and balanced perspective. It's a state of mind I fully embrace, so it's no surprise that my idiomatic personality permeates my lifestyle and my interior design aesthetic. 

Now, if you are like me, let me just say I adore you and your tastes. But if you are like Wendy and prefer a gray-er perspective, trust me—I see the allure. And just to prove it, let me show you three ways I like to pair silver and taupe.

1. Texture: No matter which pieces fill your space, texture is an easy way to make a room feel interesting and cohesive. Blending one or two of similar-yet-different tones will help your room come to life.

 Silver Taupe 1/3

2. Dimension & Scale: Sometimes high-contrast isn't needed for high-drama. Play with oversized lighting and low-to-the-ground seating to keep things interesting.

Silver Taupe 2/3

3. Fine Finishes: When in doubt, go with the classics. Polished silver will never go out of style, so source items with similar profiles and hardware to make your room seem effortlessly designed.

Silver Taupe 3/3

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