5 reasons why Jamie Young Company is our new favorite obsession

5 reasons why Jamie Young Company is our new favorite obsession

The Jamie Young Company has always been on our radar, but it recently released some amazing new products that have us anxious to redecorate every room in our homes!

Jamie Young Jeter and her husband David Jeter have been creating home furnishings for over two decades, drawing inspiration form the art and history the discover on their travels. Their vision is to design inspiring pieces for every home that reflect the tastes of a world traveler. 

Scando Mod Sconce

Scando Mod Sconces

One of our favorite new pieces is the Scando Mod Sconce. Available in both brass and silver finishes, these bulbous light fixtures are the perfect additions to a living room or home office. For a really dramatic look, try lining a long hallway with mirrors and flank either side of the mirrors with one of these Scando Mod Sconces. It'll be like a trip to Versailles!

Gravel Table Lamps

Gravel Table Lamps

Some other Jamie Young light fixtures that grabbed our attention are the Gravel Table Lamps. Both the small and large sizes showcase the natural beauty of the grey paper clay from which they are made, and add an organic and earthy quality to these one-of-a-kind pieces. Use them as lamps for the bedroom nightstands or add one to a console table to brighten up a living room.

Cascade Pendant

Cascade Pendant

Although it may be called a pendant, the Jamie Young Cascade Pendant looks more like a chandelier to us. Made of antiqued brass and 12-hanging light bulbs, this statement piece lights up any dining room with modern style. It has the look of an chandelier made of Edison bulbs but with so much more elegance. It's a contemporary fixture with classic elements that is as eye catching as it is fun. 

Criterion Center Table

Jamie Young Criterion Table

What better place to hang your new Cascade Pendant than over the Jamie Young Criterion Center Table! This sleek iron table features a round contemporary design with antiqued brass legs and a beveled glass top. It's narrow legs and glass top give it an airy quality that makes it take up much less visual space than a wooden or stone table. And because of this, the Criterion Center Table is perfect for small spaces like breakfast nooks or foyers.

Franco Floor Lamp

Jamie Young Franco Floor Lamp

We've talk a lot about Jamie Young Company's travel inspiration, and if you've ever visited a modern library or an architect's office, you can clearly see the inspiration behind the Franco Floor Lamp. With its modern metal shade and round base, it's great beside a sofa for late-night reading or in an office for task lighting. It's so simple and versatile that it works with nearly every style.

For more information about any of these Jamie Young Company pieces or for information about other products you've seen on our site, contact our design team today!

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