How to Choose Transitional Furnishings for Your Home

How to Choose Transitional Furnishings for Your Home

My design tastes have changed many times over the years, and if you're like me, yours have, too.

When I was younger, I loved the look of traditional furniture because it reminded me of the upright piano in my parents' home. Then in college, I became fond of mid-century pieces and subsequently decorated my apartments as such. However, these days, my atheistic is strictly minimal and modern. 

For this reason, I have learned the importance of transitional home furnishings. 

If you're new to this term, transitional design refers to furnishings that can be incorporated into multiple style settings. Usually these pieces feature classic silhouettes, materials and hues that are both beautiful and timeless.

The Plank Gray Table Lamp by Barbara Cosgrove Lamps is a perfect example of transitional design. It relies on simple, clean lines and colors that work in modern, traditional, and coastal rooms. See the groupings below to see how I've styled it three different ways.

Transitional Design Modern Furnishings Transitional Design Traditional Furnishings

Transitional Design Coastal Furnishings

For questions or comments about styling your home with transitional furnishings, contact our design team today!

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