How to Create The Most Divine Outdoor Living Area

Create the perfect outdoor living area that will keep your friends and loved ones coming back for more with designs by Arteriors Home, Made Goods, Emissary, and Lacefield Designs.

It's that time of year again! We can finally spend more time outdoors.

There’s something so special about creating memories outside. Not only is there the added benefit of additional entertaining space, but there's also the ability to celebrate with friends and loved ones.

Here are a few ways your furnishings can help you create the most divine outdoor living areas using brands like Arteriors Home, Four Hands, and Made Goods.

1. Seating is Everything (Almost)

Every great entertainer knows that making every guest feel comfortable is an essential part of creating a magical party. Comfortable seating gives people the ability to relax and engage in conversation more easily. Outdoor seating is different for every space, but there are incredibly beautiful options by Four Hands that we love. 

2. Pillows Pillows Pillows

Speaking of comfort, pillows are essential elements in beautiful outdoor living areas. They may seem a bit extra, but pillows allow your guests to transition seamlessly from the indoors to the outdoors of your home in comfort. We recommend these beautifully designed outdoor pillows from Lacefield Designs. Not only are they gorgeous and elegant, but they are also durable and hardy.

3. Light It Up!

To make the most of your outdoor entertaining area, you need to pay careful attention to lighting. Too much light and you’ll ruin the mood, but too little light, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the dark. Lighting is a useful tool for highlighting the architectural or focal features of your home. There are myriad options from which to choose, but these are a few favorites by Arteriors Home and Jamie Young that we love.

4. Multi-Purpose Pieces

The last thing you want in an outdoor living area is a bunch of clutter. Multi-purpose furniture pieces give you the ability to maintain a balanced look without compromising on functionality. We recommend a gorgeous stool that can double as a table or fabulous accent like these from Made Goods and Emissary.

5. Accessorize Beautifully

Accessorizing any living space allows you to show guests the depths of your personality as to who you are and what you’re all about. The same goes for outdoor living areas. Adding pieces that show charm and a bit of personality will make your guests fall in love with you all over again. Some of our favorite accessories are from Made Goods and Emissary.

Creating a beautiful outdoor space that reflects who you are and makes your guests comfortable will keep them coming back for years. So, pour the Rosé and turn on your favorite tunes—you never know just which memories you will make with the ones you love in the great outdoors.