Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Fall.

Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Fall.

Hello Fall collage by Clayton Gray Home

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the crisp air, the brown and gold leaves, and the mohair sweaters I get to pull out of storage.

But here in Florida, where all the seasons feel like Summer, it's hard to experience the weather changes outside. So instead of looking out the window for inspiration, I've find the best way to experience Fall is by bringing it inside.

First, I start with the bar. I like to host cocktail parties, so I keep my bar stocked with warm spirits and exciting tools. The Etta Ice Bucket is perfect for a cozy Fall look because its wrapped in beautiful dark hide and gleaming brushed brass. 

I also like to replace my linen pillow covers with luxe furs and bold textures. The Noodle Felt Pillow in bone is a fun and unexpected choice because it adds a ton of dimension to a flat-back sofa or wingback chair.

And speaking of wingback chairs, I sometimes move furniture around my house to spice up the mood. I would definitely splurge for a pair of these Idol Wing Chairs. The ash-colored tweed upholstery is warm and rich yet completely universal with all color palettes. Plus, I'm sure they would look great in photos from my parties.

Shop my Fall favorites now, and inspire something beautiful in your home.

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