How to Get the Look of Nancy Meyers's Famous Movie Sets

How to Get the Look of Nancy Meyers's Famous Movie Sets

Just what is it that makes Nancy Meyers movies so enjoyable to watch? We all have a favorite -- there's the Parent Trap, What Women Want, Somethings Gotta Give, The Holiday, and of course, It's Complicated.

If you're not familiar with Meyer's movies, she has a way of mixing comedy and romance with exquisitely stylish characters who seem to only sleep in silk pajamas and serve lavish feasts in their show-stopping kitchens. 

So how does Myers create these visually-stunning fantasies without losing relatability and warmth? The answers can be found in the homes of her movies, which feature natural tones, earthy textures, and coastal coolness. But these designs aren't just fantasies—you can shop the look of two of our favorite Nancy Meyers movies with some inspired help from our Design Team:

The Holiday (California)

The Holiday is a story about two women, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) who each are in the midst of an emotional crisis. During the holidays, they decide to swap places and quickly find themselves with clarity and romance.

But beyond the actors, our favorite character in the movie is Amanda's home—a contemporary, coastal California abode that blends traditional furniture with handmade pottery and eclectic antiques. 

We love this look because it feels curated and inviting from the moment you see it. You can shop this serene and sophisticated fantasy below:

The Holiday Nancy Meyers House Set Design

The Holiday Nancy Meyers House Set Design

The Holiday Nancy Meyers House Set Design

It's Complicated

Another favorite Nancy Meyers movie of ours is It's Complicated—playful tale of the ultimate love triangle. Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alex Baldwin) are a divorced couple who find themselves in the arms of one another once again—but as you may have guessed, love is not so simple for them.

In the movie, Jane lives in an eclectic mediterranean ranch fitted with warm tones, comfortably beautiful furnishings, and accessories that will make your mouth water.

The house is located on 56 acres of Hidden Valley, California and was recently listed at a cool $12 million. But you don't need to spend millions to get the look.

Get the look with some of our favorite pieces below:It's Complicated House Nancy Meyers Set Design

It's Complicated House Nancy Meyers Set Design

For more information about any of these pieces, including their current availability, or for information about our other products, contact our design team today.