6 Perfect Side Tables for Your Living Room

Posted on Aug 05, 18

Side tables are among the most versatile pieces of furniture. Whether you place them beside a sofa, include them in your office, or tuck them away beside your bed, side tables can be used in just about any room of... Continue Reading

The Ultimate Studio Apartment with Alex English

Posted on Jul 28, 18

Hi! I’m Alex English, a San Francisco-based writer and consultant. And, a new voice here on the blog. Fashion is my first aesthetic love, and it’s the most natural way I express myself. But as a well-rounded aesthete, I love... Continue Reading

5 Instant Favorites from Atlanta Market

Posted on Jul 21, 18

Last weekend, Wendy and I traveled to Atlanta for AmericasMart, one of the world's largest furniture trade shows, and oh did we work hard! We saw all of our favorite brands including Worlds Away, Made Goods, and Jamie Young, and... Continue Reading

Master the Boho Look in Your Livingroom

Posted on Jul 12, 18

The Boho design style is dominated by texture, prints, and warmth. It's comprised of found objects, chic treasures, and well-crafted pieces that create an overall laid-back vibe.  Although we at Clayton Gray Home love to favor brass, marble, and luxury pieces, we... Continue Reading

5 Stunning Pendant Lights Under $300!

Posted on Jul 07, 18

Beautiful lighting doesn't always have to cost a lot.  Although we are known for our collection of luxury chandeliers and sconces from brands like Arteriors, Made Goods, and Worlds Away, you may be surprised to know we also carry many... Continue Reading

8 Accessories to Complete Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted on Jun 22, 18

It's official. Summer is upon us! For we in Florida, Summer is a time for rainy afternoons and extreme heat, but if you are one of the lucky people who live North of the Tropics, Summer is a chance to enjoy blue skies... Continue Reading

Brass Beauties! 5 Bungalow 5 Pieces You Need Now

Posted on Jun 17, 18

Bungalow 5 is one of our favorite vendors because all of its pieces are crafted with beautiful materials and exceptional attention to detail.  This week, we debuted over a dozen new pieces from Bungalow 5, including lights, side tables, and stools, and all of them share... Continue Reading

6 Barbara Cosgrove Lamps Perfect for Your Living Room

Posted on Jun 13, 18

Every Market, Wendy and I look forward to visiting the show room of Barbara Cosgrove Lamps. Not only does it have beautiful table lamps, pendants, and chandeliers, but its staff, led by Barbara's daughter-in-law AJ Cosgrove, is always fantastic. This week, we... Continue Reading

5 Products to Transform Your Home Office for Summer

Posted on Jun 02, 18

Summer is here! With Memorial Day behind us and the temperatures rising, the urge to ditch the office and get outdoors couldn't be stronger.  If you're a work-a-holic like I am, stepping away from your desk is easier said than... Continue Reading

Now Available: 5 Products from BOBO Intriguing Objects!

Posted on May 25, 18

BOBO Intriguing Objects is known for its vintage character and rustic elegance. Whether original antiques or detailed reproductions of classic pieces, the charm of BOBO's lighting, furniture, and decor is instantly recognizable for all in the know.  I first came to know... Continue Reading

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