Beautiful Black & White Artwork

Beautiful Black & White Artwork

Natural Curiosities is a mainstay at Clayton Gray Home. We love this artwork company because it features incredible handcrafted pieces in a variety of styles and subjects.

One of our favorite looks from Natural Curiosities is its collection of black and white paintings. These beautiful framed art prints provide incredible dimension and graphic interest to any space.

The Black & White Abstract Panel Artwork Pair is one of our favorite looks. These made to order pieces feature intersecting abstract black lines on white canvases that create a beautiful architectural effect. When place above a sofa, as shown here, the effect is quite striking.

We also adore the newly sourced Natural Curiosities Black and White Ink and Water Framed Artwork in unique acrylic box frames. These giclee prints were originally created by dripping ink into water and then photographing the effect in the studio. It's a unique process that produces a wonderful organic motif.

For these any other stunning black and white pieces, explore our curated collection of Natural Curiosities pieces now.

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