Beth Webb for Arteriors

Beth Webb for Arteriors

Translating her sensual and casual style using real organic materials, Beth Webb crafts a relaxed and romantic collection for Arteriors.

This collection is full of light, coastal pieces that infuse simple silhouettes with wonderful natural elements. Take the Sea Island line of lighting. Just hearing its name evokes a sense of soothing energy that makes you feel right at home. 

Perhaps the most versatile item in this 4-piece line is the Sea Island Wall Sconce. This humble-yet-complex piece features a beautiful ivory shade encased in a woven rattan basket and an extendable steel arm for architectural appeal. It makes for an excellent addition beside a bedroom headboard or living room mantle. 

However, the standout piece from this line has to be the Sea Island Flush Mount with its exquisite radial birdcage enclosure and hanging loop finial. It is an exceptional piece that casts a happy shadow in hallways, nurseries or bathrooms. And because its rattan details are natural and sophisticated, it offers tremendous warmth in practically all design styles. 

Explore these pieces and more from Beth Webb for Arteriors below:

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