Reclaimed & Reimagined

Reclaimed & Reimagined

Known for its exceptional use of vintage and found materials, BOBO Intriguing Objects is a champion of repurposed and reimagined design.

Founded by Mark Sage out of his passion for memorabilia and antiques, BOBO Intriguing Objects inspires us every season with its new eclectic pieces and modernize antique silhouettes. 

Our favorite new decor from this incredible brand is this Cobblestone Wood Wall Art in Tall and Square Sizes. Made from real reclaimed European cobblestones, these artisan pieces showcase the naturally imperfect surfaces and hand-carved saw marks from when these stones were lain. The artwork offers a rich, earthen quality that adds depth and dimension to any room. 

From its naturally-sourced large Driftwood Lanterns to its Leather Wall Art made of collected fabrics, BOBO Intriguing Objects reminds us everyday that antique is amazing.

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