Choosing A White Coffee Table

Choosing A White Coffee Table

Without a doubt, the most popular color for home furnishings at Clayton Gray Home is white. 

There's something timeless and elegant about adding a pop of bright white to a space. Not only does it look great in every season, but it also compliments all the other pieces in the room. And when objects like trays or books are placed upon it, it acts like a spotlight to focus your attention. 

For this reason we believe the most universal piece you can purchase for your living room is a white coffee table. Thankfully nearly all of our incredible brands like Worlds Away, Made Goods, and Bungalow 5 feature myriad options of this versatile piece. 

When choosing the right white coffee table for your living room, remember these two essential options: scale and material.

A coffee table's scale will make or break the room. Choosing one that's too big will dwarf the appearance of your sofa, while choosing one that's too small will make the room seem off or out of place. We recommend you select one that is roughly one half to two-thirds the size of your sofa for the best results.

Secondly, the material of your coffee table says A LOT about your style. Whether you're choosing a bright white lacquered linen like the Worlds Away Radford Coffee Table or something in cast resin like the Oly Studio Pipa Coffee Table, the texture of the piece should compliment your sofa and pillows.

Explore these coffee tables and more below: