Made Goods Inga Mirror

Maritime Mirrors

From stunning driftwood and natural oyster shells to roped seagrass and faux coral, Made Goods uses exquisite materials to craft exceptional coastal-inspired mirrors fit for any home.

We have always loved the best-selling and stunning Coco Oval Mirror made of faux white coral fiberglass and edged with silver or gold trim. This iconic piece has been seen in countless celebrity homes and magazines, and it is an essential fixture in Made Good's catalogue. 

But we also can't get enough of the newly-sourced Ophelia Rectangle Mirror in White Cast Plaster. Similar to the Coco Mirror, the Ophelia Mirror features a stunning coral motif frame that offers three-dimensional texture and visual interest above a foyer console or bathroom vanity. (Be sure to check out the round version of this mirror, too!)

For a similar-yet-less-aquatic look, we adore the Made Goods Inga Mirror made of of thousands of chain-braided coco beads. This incredible work of craftsmanship sources eco-friendly materials and offers a wonderfully-unique macramé effect. Believe us, it is even more beautiful in person!

Shop these and other gorgeous mirrors from Made Goods below:

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