Four Hands Zander Bench

Outdoor Accents

Forget the build-it-yourself teak pieces from those big box stores. These Four Hands must-haves will upgrade your outdoor spaces in a snap!

Since everyone seems to be planting their own victory gardens these days, let's start with the Jed Planters and Ivan Round Planter. Although these pieces show similar silhouettes, they actually work better with different types of plants.

The Jed Planters, for example, are best for smaller grasses and snake plants, while the Ivan Round Planter is best for heartier bushes like elephant ears and small palms. Why? Placing a taller plant in one of the elevated Jed Planters would simple make it too tall and less sturdy.

Once you choose the right planters for your outdoor space, we suggest you opt for a few seating options to admire all your gardening. The cage-like Zander Outdoor Bench, made of bronze-finished aluminum, offers tons of texture and dimension to a patio without taking up too much visual space. We also recommend the newly-sourced Portia Outdoor Chair, made of highly durable all-weather whicker. Not only is this piece great for inclement weather, it also features a sleek 60s silhouette to keep things looking modern.

Discover these pieces and more from Four Hands:

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