New & Natural Handwoven Cane

New & Natural Handwoven Cane

These days, the design industry is flooded with incredible natural pieces. From seating to side tables to cabinets, the natural look is here to stay.

Last month we brought you the incredible Astor Collection from Bungalow 5, which features inlaid grasscloth surrounded by black and white lacquered wood. And this month, we are bringing you three new and distinct pieces from Bungalow 5 all made with handwoven cane.

First is the Bungalow 5 Malmo Two Drawer Side Table in White, with its sophisticated mid-century curves and angled peg legs. This piece exudes vintage style, yet with its bronze-frame casings, it feels elevated and modern for a new era. This is a must-have side table for casual seating areas, cozy reading nooks and bedside nightstands.

Next up is the Bungalow 5 Kelsea Side Table in Driftwood and Kelsea Cabinet in Driftwood, designed with handwoven cane panels and an effortlessly coastal look. In contrast to the bright white Malmo Side Table, the Kelsea Side Table and Kelsea Cabinet features driftwood in a dark veneer and two evenly-spaced shelves for displaying books or decorative boxes. It's a chic option for a seaside living room or den.

Explore these and other handwoven cane looks below: