New Neutrals: Cerused Oak

New Neutrals: Cerused Oak

A huge renaissance is happening in interior design that is all to do with natural materials. From handwoven cane to coco beads, designers are embracing these organic elements and giving their rich textures new life.

Limed finishing, or cerusing, first debuted in 16th century Europe when craftsmen found a new way to preserve wood. This process draws out the grain of the wood and adds a soft white patina to it that enhances the natural pattern. Not since the 1950s has there been a resurgence in cerusing like there is today. In fact, some of our favorite brands like Worlds Away, Bungalow 5 and Jamie Young recently incorporated this timeless technique into new pieces for their 2020 collections.

Perhaps our two favorite new pieces are the Valentina Chest and Esther Side Table. These stunning pieces feature a dark cerused oak finish and beveled drawer fronts for an unbelievable effect. 

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