Oly Chandeliers

Oly Chandeliers

Known for their incredible texture and and use cast resin, these stunning chandeliers from Oly Studio make show-stopping statements in any room.

We absolutely love the newly sourced Larkspur Chandelier in cast resin made with a chic and intricate weave design. This spherical fixture hangs suspended from a canopy of three metal rods that really helps to showcase the whimsical-yet-elevated details that make this chandelier so captivating. Place this piece above your dining room table or in your foyer for a grand statement. 

Of course, no must-have list of Oly Studio chandeliers would be complete without the Pipa Bowl Chandelier in beautiful ribbon-like cast resin. This best-selling piece instantly steals focus from everything else in the room with its spectacular woven design and large scale. Presented in a beautiful designer white finish, the Pipa Bowl Chandelier offers spectacular interest, texture and dimension to any room. 

Want the look for a smaller space? No worries! The Pipa Chandelier also comes as a gorgeous table lamp featuring the same waves and undulating patterns we know and love. Add the Pipa Table Lamp to your bedside table or home office for an eye-catching statement.

Find these and more spectacular pieces from Oly Studio below. 

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