Oly Studio: Pipa Collection

Oly Studio: Pipa Collection

You've seen the look in countless design magazines and celebrity homes, and now you can get it for yourself at Clayton Gray Home. 

The Oly Studio Pipa Collection defines coastal elegance. Designed with an intricate weave texture and handcrafted by skilled artisans, the Pipa Collection adds effortlessly chic style that always impresses. 

In addition to the best-selling Pipa Bowl Chandelier, our Design Team recently sourced the Oly Studio Pipa Cocktail Table and Pipa Side Table for two incredible new additions to the line.

First, the Pipa Cocktail Table (pictured here), combines a slightly concave base with the iconic weave pattern constructed in concentric circles. This piece elevates living rooms and sitting areas with a commanding presence. The Pipa Side Table, however, is a little more subdued. While it also features a similar shape and motif, the Side Table supplies this much-needed visual interest to a room without stealing the show the way the Bowl Chandelier might. It adds a hint of sophistication for the refined eye that we can't get enough of!

Explore these new pieces and the rest of Oly Studio's incredible collection now: