Palecek Pendants

Palecek Pendants

Known for its exceptional use of natural materials and lavish scale, Palecek's new pendants for Spring are simply paradisal. 

Although each effortlessly beautiful light fixture uses simple materials like abaca robe, handwoven wicker and coco beads, Palecek's designers infuse them into their designs in a way that feels elevated and timeless.

Take one of our newest finds, the Everly Pendant. This chic coastal piece hangs seven concentric hoops, each wrapped in natural fine abaca robe, to create a gorgeous cascade of light. It is a striking piece for a living room or dining room.

Another all-new and already popular piece is the Palecek Oversized Wisteria Pendant in whitewashed handwoven wicker. Due to its larger scale, this oversized bell pendant casts a large canopy of light over breakfast tables and foyer entrances to provide a fresh take from a simply silhouette. 

Explore these pieces and more below: