E Lawrence Fashion Books

Renowned Reads

Whether inspiring art or just sparking conversations, these fashionable books make perfect sartorial statements in any room.

We absolutely love these artistically-wrapped books by E Lawrence that depict beautiful French and Italian masterpieces. From the Venus to the David, these handmade Gold Redaction books offer whimsy and sophistication with just a hint of gold-leafing. And because they're made to order, they make for an absolutely divine gift. Think of them like little works of couture. 

Some of our most popular new additions are these editorial catwalk books featuring the likes of Dior, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent. These high-fashion books include some of the most iconic and memorable runway looks from the world's most influential designers. Whether placed upon your mantle as pops of color or opened on your coffee table for inspired reading, these catwalk books are sure to dazzle.

Find these books and more titles in our curated collection below.

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