Palecek Shadowboxes

Serene Shadowboxes

Made in hanging stonecast cement frames, these delicate white faux coral and leaf shadow boxes from Palecek offer a new dimension of casual coastal elegance to your home.

When grouped in both small and large collections, these shadow boxes create instant focal points for indoor and outdoor spaces. These, like so many of Palecek's gorgeous pieces, have us yearning for a sunny escape and transport us to warmer climates and sunny weather.

For a similar yet equally striking look, we love the Palecek Adrift Collection of three-dimensional wall art. Assembled with intricate hand-cut coco shells, the Adrift Wall Art resembles beautiful raised petals suspended in a clear acrylic frame. 

It comes as no surprise that with all these laidback vibes, Palecek's artisanal use of seaside influences make it the perfect brand to accessorize your home for Summer. 

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