Stool Rules

Stool Rules

Whether you're looking for a small side table, an extra seat or a pretty place to display flowers, you need a wooden stool. 

The wooden stool or side table is perhaps the most versatile piece in a designer's playbook because its uses are endless. Because these pieces are made of natural raw materials, they coordinates with just about all design styles and can be placed anywhere in a room.

We recently discovered a few new pieces from Jamie Young that showcase a wide array of styles and craftsmanship. Formed to look like smooth stumps, the Yuca and Agave Side Tables exude natural beauty with their unpolished porous finishes and simple silhouette. Similarly, the Mesa Side Tablet takes this design one step further with beveled details and hand-carved legs.

For a completely different and organic look, discover the Four Hands Teak Stool made from gorgeous weathered teak or the Made Goods Cobus Stool that has been inlaid with acrylic and amber glass. Now these are anything but ordinary.

Explore our complete collection of wood stools and side tables below: